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Medication Assisted Treatment

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We offer MAT to assist with sobriety from opioid & alcohol dependence i.e. Suboxone®, Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, & Vivitrol®.

Mood: Anxiety & Depression

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Mood disorders co-occur with chronic conditions including chronic pain, addiction, & ADHD. We offer treatment & monitoring of common mood disorders.


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Millions of adults do not function optimally due to untreated ADHD that affects executive function, focus, concentration, and task completion. There are a variety of medication options that reduce functional disability from ADHD.

Hormone Replacement

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Hormones naturally decline with age. In some men and women, replacement can be helpful to alleviate bothersome symptoms & promote well-being.

Veteran C & P Exams 

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Now offering C & P exams through Veteran Evaluation 

Services (VES).


In addition, we perform the USCG physical exam, order lab tests, and complete the required forms for those pursuing or renewing certification for ship captain or other sea vessel employment.

 Weight Loss

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We offer medical oversight & supplements to promote faster weight loss.

Office Hours


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Our staff is available Monday - Friday 
to answer questions, coordinate care, and schedule appointments.

Main Line: (310) 698 - 5252